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This is the burning question in every mom's mind, but it often causes problems for dads.

Mom's sometimes think that dad's have this magic way of getting the impossible done.

When their kids are out of control what does mom say: "Just wait until your Dad get's home..." BUT does that mean dad has to come home and be THE BAD GUY...what if he's tired of being THE BAD GUY?!

When mom is too nervous about what's happening and she can see her child is also scared; what does mom say: "Dad, go have a little talk with them...", she knows he'll know just what to say....BUT does she realize that sometimes dad doesn't know how to handle his own emotions... How can he teach his child to process emotions, when he doesn't know how to do that for himself?

When her own emotions are out of control and she doesn't know what to do; who does mom tell all her problems to in hopes he will have the solution she hasn't been able to figure out...Yep, it's Dad!...BUT when mom doesn't have a solution, who can dad talk to about his problems?

When mom is up late into the night worrying and working out in her mind solutions for her child's problems and she looks over and see's dad sound asleep she wonders....HOW Do DADS Do It? How do they turn off their brain and just stop worrying for awhile, because mom's can't seem to do that and they wish they could...BUT Dad does worry! He worries he can't keep this up! He worries that he can't keep FIGHTING these same battles day after day! He worries about the impact all this FIGHTING is having on all his family relationships. He worries...and he doesn't know what to do either. How can he get things under control? How can he get his child to be obedient and to show a little respect?

Now it's true, no two dads are alike. ALL dads have different strengths and weaknesses.

ALL dad's have the ability to be SUCCESSFUL parents! ALL dad's can do things for their kids that their wife can not do. ALL dad's have special ways that they can connect and be an example.

ALL DADS can have a powerful influence for good in the lives of their children!

If you feel like you're struggling to achieve SUCCESS at home, I can help you!

If you feel like you need someone to talk through your problems with, someone that can help you get out of your own mind a little bit and see some different perspectives, I can help you!

If you feel like your on an emotional roller coaster and you're either bottling it all inside or your letting it all explode and you want to learn to manage your own emotions, I can help you!

If you feel like you've tried everything and you still can't get your child to behave, I can help you!

If you fee like you just can't SURVIVE another day being a dad, I can help you!

If you feel uncomfortable talking with someone other than your wife, tell her about the idea and then BE BRAVE!

Discomfort is the currency of SUCCESS! I CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE IT!

Let me help you, so you can better help your family!

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I'll help you look at your most pressing problem and we will come up with one strategy for how you can "Stop the Fight!" TODAY and start parenting with SUCCESS!​

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