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I Know You Can Do It!


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I'm Nicole Ellis

As parents we all want to be SUCCESSFUL!  

We love our kids and we are working hard to teach and lead by example, but more often than not,  it's just not working

Your kids and your home life feel out of control.  You're exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated with your lack of success in parenting. You're just trying to contain the chaos, trying to SURVIVE...

It doesn't have to be like that!

  • I know sometimes kids don't listen and they won't obey.  They want to live life their own way and that's a good thing!  My husband and I have been experimenting with new parenting strategies for awhile now, I have 3 adult sons plus 3 teenage daughters, and we have found all kids are both amazing and sometimes strong willed/defiant at times.  I think we all are! :)

  • It sometimes feels easier to just survive and start counting down the days until kids reach that next stage or finally move out.  I have spent 25+ years teaching/mentoring parents, teachers & leaders in my community how to effectively teach, discipline and connect with children at each stage of development.  I've done the homework, fought the late night battles and have reaped the rewards of parenting SUCCESS!

i know you can do it too!

  • I am a Certified Life Coach and I want to be YOUR LIFE COACH!            I LOVE helping dads (and my favorite moms) develop into their roll as SUCCESSFUL parents!  

Want to know more about my life experience in raising kids? Tell Me More!

I'm a SUCCESS Life Coach for Dads!

I help dads “STOP the FIGHT!” and move from survival to SUCCESS at home and in life.  

I'm Here to Help YOU!


I empower motivated, hardworking dads who are already achieving SUCCESS at work but feel stuck in their ability to create that same SUCCESS at home and in their personal lives.  I help dads develop and enjoy strong family relationships, based on love, trust and mutual respect.   I enable dads to create a life for themselves and their family that they can’t wait to get home to! 


YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  You can achieve the SUCCESS at home and in your personal life that you’ve always wanted!  You can stop surviving and start SUCCEEDING at home! I can show you how!


You’re a perfect fit for my “STOP the FIGHT!” Coaching Program, which I created specifically for Dads just like you!  Dads who feel they aren’t in control of their own SUCCESS at home the way they are at work.  Dads that know how to be SUCCESSFUL at work, they know how to achieve hard things, and they want to achieve that same kind of SUCCESS in their family relationships and in their personal lives.  

My “STOP the FIGHT!” Coaching Program is personalized and customized for each client and their specific problems and needs. I teach dads my 4 Foundational Principles:  Emotional Responsibility, Relationship Over Routine, Coaching-Not Controlling, and Unified Partners.  As dads learn to apply these principles to their life, with my additional SUCCESS tools and strategies, they discover a new level of SUCCESS at home that is more fun and easier than ever!  I help dads to customize and implement parenting strategies specifically for their child.  I help them reconnect with their spouse and deepen their bond and commitment to one another.  Most importantly, I help them to intentionally reclaim control over their own emotions and priorities in life; which enables them to enjoy greater SUCCESS in all aspects of their life. 

Dads are high achieving and SUCCESSFUL people.  You know how to SUCCEED!  You just need to learn how to transfer those SUCCESS strategies you already know and use them to create greater SUCCESS at home; which I know at times seem impossible. I know you can do it!  You can be more SUCCESSFUL in interacting with your kids and creating connection with them; even if they don’t want to change their behavior!  You can be more SUCCESSFUL and happier than ever in your marriage; without expecting your spouse to change!  You can be SUCCESSFUL at reaching your personal goals and  achieving your dreams and no one can stop you! My  “STOP the FIGHT!” Coaching Program is perfect for someone like YOU!

My Story -
A Happiness Perspective
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Daughter of God & Disciple of Christ, Child, Wife, Mother, Sister & Friend, Nature Lover & Corgi Mom, Happiness Perspective Life Coach  

MY STORY -"Your Life, Reimagined...Mind, Body & Spirit!"

...Tell Me More!

This is the burning question in every mom's mind, but it often causes problems for dads.  Mom's sometimes think that dad's have this magic way of getting the impossible done. 

When their kids are out of control what does mom say:   "Just wait until your Dad get's home..."  BUT does that mean dad has to come home and be THE BAD GUY...what if he's tired of being THE BAD GUY...Tell Me More!


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I'll help you look at your most pressing problem and we will come up with one strategy for how you can "STOP the FIGHT!" and move from SURVIVAL to SUCCESS!​

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