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Success Is A Journey

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Are you ready to give your audience a new perspective?

Speaking & Media

Nicole Leads by Example in Serving Others, Parenting,
Creating Loving Relationships and in Living an Intentional Life
Full of Growth and Possibility!


As a life coach for dads, Nicole advocates for men everywhere, inspiring them to be successful husbands and fathers, while pursuing their personal goals.  


She is best known for sharing new perspectives that enable others to see what's possible, as she infuses them with courage and confidence to pursue what really matters to them. She motivates and inspire others to create a life full of success and lasting happiness

Recent Podcast Interviews


Popular Speaking Topics

                                      A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR DADS!  

How to Successfully Parent Your Child,

Even During Their Most Defying, Explosive and Frustrating Moments! 

Stop the Fight Logo.jpg
  • How to make parenting easier than ever, stop the power struggles and get the respect you want.


  • What tools you need to actually help your child, without having to dedicate every spare moment to parenting and conflict.

  • Why Dads with the most difficult kids have been successful with this strategy...and what kept them from discovering it earlier!

SUCCESS is a Journey: 

Creating Work-Life Balance at Home  

Navigating the work and play of family life with focus and ease


The Secret to Living Your Dreams Today!   

How you can SUCCESSFULLY create the life you've always wanted and enjoy the process without the stress and pressure of needing to do more!

Sharing My Journey: 

My Perspective on Successful Parenting Today!

What have I learned...LOVE is always the answer, TRUST is the way and GRACE is what we can not do.  We can all OVERCOME and BECOME.  We can all CHOOSE a different PERSPECTIVE. 

We can all be SUCCESSFUL in the journey!

Possible Discussion Topics

  • How to Create Confidence

  • The Power of Trust in Relationships

  • Coaching: Not Controlling as Parents

  • Why Relationship Over Routine?

  • Unified Partners: Love is the Answer

  • Why Perspective is Key to Success

  • Emotional Responsibility:  Leading by Example

When speaking to groups small and large she is able to

engage with her audience, help them feel loved and valued

while enabling them to see clearly their personal priorities

based on their unique family dynamic, beliefs and values.

Nicole is EXCITED to connect with you and loves sharing her inspiring messages with a variety of audiences. Please reach out via email to discuss speaking topics, availability and further details.



Mountain Cliff Hiker

"On a future day, you will look back on this cherished and exciting adventure of mortality, and you will understand.  You will see that the dots really do connect into a beautiful pattern, more sublime than you ever could have imagined. 

With unspeakable gratitude you will see that God himself in his abounding love, grace and compassion was always there watching over you, blessing you and guiding your steps as you walked toward him."

Deiter F. Uchtdorf

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