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Episode 5: Appreciation

PERSPECTIVE with Nicole Ellis

Empowering dads to create SUCCESS at home and in life!

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“If we can just let go of our own expectations and instead appreciate the opportunities and growth we are experiencing we can find so much more happiness in life.”

Are your personal expectations actually holding you back from feeling happiness?

Appreciation is where the greatest happiness lies.

We can’t control other people, but we can control ourselves, what we think, what we do and how we feel. We can let go of our own expectations for ourselves and others that are holding us back from truly enjoying our life and our relationships.

In this episode, we will explore Appreciation, Expectation and Demand and how these different approaches impact our relationships. I will explain my Appreciation Theory and share some personal experiences to show you how increased appreciation can help you let go of demands and expectations that are negatively impacting your relationships. Using this approach frees you from the worry and frustration that results from trying to control others and enables you to enjoy the process of working together towards solutions.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How often do you feel and express appreciation for what others do for you?

  • Is there anything you have come to expect or even demand that once you simply appreciated?

  • How can you help someone else practice taking control of their own decisions and at the same time provide an opportunity to practice appreciation over expectations and demands yourself?

  • How can you move towards being unified with your spouse on this issue or on the same side as your child rather than in opposition and fighting against them?

  • How can you choose to act from love and appreciation rather than being filled with resentment and jealousy?

  • How can you help in this situation by expressing your appreciation rather than expressing your unmet expectations or demands?

Appreciation is where the greatest happiness lies.

Let go of all those expectations and demands that aren’t serving you and simply appreciate the good and the opportunities you have every day to learn and to grow.

That’s a Happiness Perspective!

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