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Episode 6: Decide to Change

PERSPECTIVE with Nicole Ellis

Empowering dads to create SUCCESS at home and in life!

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Is there something you are wanting to fix about your child's behavior?

Expecting your child to change simply doesn’t work.  Maybe they don’t want to change.  Maybe they don’t even think they are in the wrong.  Perhaps they don’t understand why it’s important and maybe they don’t even have the mental or physical capacity to make your desired changes.

In the end, if there’s something you don’t like, something that is creating tension in your family relationships, it is you that needs to change and do things differently.  It’s not that you are doing things wrong, instead perhaps what you are doing just isn’t effective for that child.  In order to be an effective parent, you need to change your approach. 

How do you SUCCESSFULLY create changes in your own life?

In this episode, we will explore your power to create change in yourself and how doing so will also enable you to positively influence your children when they are desiring to make changes in their life. 

I will share with you the truth about why our physical bodies resist change and how we can overcome that resistance and continually strive to improve ourselves.

We will explore why doing scary things intentionally is very important and how we can create courage to change.

I  will share with you my 5 C's of Creation:

Clarity --> Courage --> Commitment --> Consistency --> Confidence!

Which will help you to successfully create changes in your life.

Finally, we will go over how you can use these tools to support others as they make decisions to change.

  • What changes do you want in your life?

  • What opportunities do you want to give to yourself & your family to grow? 

  • What is the first decision you need to make to work towards that goal? 

YOU have the power to change your life! 

You don’t need to waste your time and energy trying to change others. 

You can DECIDE to CHANGE and do things differently! 

This episode will show you how!

That’s a Happiness Perspective!  


Do you want to create greater SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your personal and family life?   Start TODAY by downloading my FREE "STOP the FIGHT!" 3-Step Parenting Success Guide

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