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The Brushing Your Teeth Problem

Did you know that refusal to brush teeth is a common problem for children with ODD? Well, now you know. Your kid is TOTALLY normal! Isn't it nice to just know that. So Why? Isn't that the million dollar question. The only one that knows WHY it's hard for your child, is your child. So you need to get good at asking very curious questions. Remember to ask those questions when it's not time to brush teeth. Refusal to brush teeth is just your child communicating that there is another unsolved problem for them. There is a reason they can't meet your expectation to brush. So what is it? Only you can find out the answer to that question, and once you do you'll be able to help your child work out a solution together! You may also need to decide if this is really the most important problem you should be working on right now. If it is, then work on solving the underlying issue. If it's not, then let it go for now. YEIKS...But they HAVE to brush...You might need to get some coaching on that! ;)

Life Coaching can be a VERY valuable tool in helping you manage your own thoughts and emotions while moving through these parenting processes with your child. You can't change them, but you can change yourself and that will make ALL the difference in your relationship and in the eventual results you create! I've been there. I know how hard it is to go it alone. Let me help you!

If you're struggling with a child who won't brush their teeth, I'm here to help! Please Sign-up for your FREE "Stop the Fight!" Mini-Session and we'll discuss your brushing teeth problem and develop a strategy to help you "Stop the Fight!" TODAY! Let's get you both SMILING again! :)

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