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Loving Family Relationships vs Surviving Family Relationships

If you are exhausted in your parenting efforts, I suggest the following action plan:

DO God’s Simple Model for Happiness!


LOVE Yourself!

LOVE Others!

(Matthew 22: 37-40)

LOVE is the perfect simple answer to all life’s problems!

That’s it!

God’s simple model is based on Eternal Truths. Eternal truths ALWAYS produce their intended results. When we CHOOSE to believe these truths, we can more clearly see the purpose of the model.

Love God because God Loves You and wants you to return to Him. He has already proven His love through the life, love, teachings, sacrifice and promises made by His Son, the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.

Love Yourself because you ARE already 100% loveable. Your lovability has nothing to do with what you do and everything to do with who you are, your divine identity as a child of God.

Love Others because it is your goal in life to become like Christ. The heart of His character is charity, the pure love of Christ.

It’s up to you to CHOOSE how you LOVE…

Would you like some ideas?

I LOVE a simple plan but I also LOVE step by step models I can follow for guaranteed success.

Here’s my LOVE Step-By-Step Model:

  1. To LOVE GOD… DOUBLE Your Efforts to Focus Your Life on JESUS CHRIST! If you are exhausted, that’s not just a physical problem, it’s also a spiritual problem. Christ is your perfect example, your strength and your hope. DEVELOP habits to recognize Christ’s hand in your life and to receive His grace. DESIRE and seek to know Jesus better and to follow His teachings. Jesus Christ brings us to God. He is God’s greatest gift to us. Receive Him into your life.

  2. To LOVE YOURSELF… DECIDE to Become! There is enabling power in recognizing your agency to choose who you are and the type of life you want live. DECIDE today, right now, to BECOME the next best version of yourself! Not a perfect person or perfect parent, just a little better every day! The best way to teach your child is to live your own life as an example of what’s possible.

  3. To LOVE OTHERS… DEPEND on a Support Group! Allow others to help you. You love those you serve and those who serve you. Pray to God and invite Him into your life. Reach out to family/friends who will listen and provide support to you when needed (serve them in return). Find a coach, someone outside your immediate circle, that can help you look objectively at your situation and your thoughts and guide you to discovering your best solutions. I would LOVE to be your coach! Sign-up for your Free "Stop the Fight!" Mini-Session

  4. DISCOVER Your LOVE for Learning! The more you know the better equipped you will be to face life’s challenges. There are an endless number of good books and resources out there. Below are some I highly recommend specifically for Parents of ODD children! You don’t have to read them all (I will share with you my favorite parts in my Happiness Perspective Program) but I highly recommend at a minimum you spend just a few minutes every day reading scriptures with a specific problem/question in mind.... Scriptures (Invite Christ to teach you through His words and His Spirit).

  5. DO IT exhausted, afraid, vulnerable, insecure, scared, embarrassed…DO IT terrible at first…Just be committed to DO IT no matter how you feel…Eventually you will be good at it and it will be easy and you will have developed new skills that you will use to tackle the next new challenge, and the next, and the next…That is what life is all about…it is about becoming the next best version of yourself…and you can only do that through overcoming opposition yourself…you OVERCOME to BECOME! So just get started…DOING IT!

LOVE is Living Your Life with a Happiness Perspective!

Are you in survival mode? Just trying to make it through today. Longing for the day when you will finally be free to live your own life the way you want to live it. Feeling exhausted and just done trying to live up to expectations or trying to make other people happy.

Do you WANT more loving family relationships but it seems impossible? There is constantly problems that prevent you from having the relationship you want. You feel like you just keep fighting the same battles over and over and over again.

Let me tell you a little secret....You can go from surviving your family relationships to thriving loving relationships without changing anyone but yourself! No convincing others to change, no forcing others to do what you want them to do, no judgement...just loving family relationships...

Sign-up for your Free "Stop the Fight!" Mini-Session TODAY and we'll develop a strategy to bring a little LOVE into your relationship and begin successfully solving your biggest problem!

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