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I've received an ODD diagnosis for my child...NOW WHAT?

I've already shared my story with you here. Now I want to share with you some resources that can support you in your journey with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). I am a parent of an ODD teen who received the diagnosis and then received NO helpful support from professionals. Therapists didn't know what to do for my child and they didn't know how to help me as his parent. We had to figure it out ourselves, and we're still figuring it out.

I've learned a lot through my own research, by trial and error, by talking with other ODD parents and through coaching ODD parents. I can tell you there is no perfect formula, no step by step method, no medication, no one size fits all solution to the problems you are facing. BUT DO NOT GIVE UP...there is an incredible journey ahead of you full of joy and growth.


The truth is that the diagnosis really isn't the first step on a path to a solution because THERE'S NOTHING WRONG! The ODD diagnosis is the opportunity for you to learn. Having Oppositional Defiance Disorder just means that your child simply approaches the world in a very different way. Their brain thinks up different solutions to problems than other people. Their brain interprets things differently, and that's a very good thing in so many ways! It means you need to parent in a different way. That means you might need to be curious about yourself and how you respond differently.

What things does your child believe that are different than others their age? How do they view the world differently? How do they handle challenges differently? What choices do they make that others don't? Why do they do those things? Do they want to continue to do those things? How are their actions impacting their relationships and their opportunities in life? How are yours?

Receiving an ODD diagnosis is an opportunity for all of you to expand your skill set, to look at things from a new perspective and to discover the path you want to take. Your path will look different, that doesn't mean it's wrong.

I have some AMAZING tools and resources that can be life changing for parents who are struggling with a child of any age that has ODD. These same tools can be used by teens/young adults who have been diagnosed with ODD and WANT to better understand the challenges they are facing and how they can approach their own life with a Happiness Perspective.

If you're struggling with a child diagnosed with ODD, I'm here to help!

Please Sign-up for your FREE "Stop the Fight!" Mini-Session and we'll discuss your biggest problem with ODD and develop a strategy to help you "Stop the Fight!" TODAY!

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