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Episode 2: Focus on What Matters Most

PERSPECTIVE with Nicole Ellis

Empowering dads to create SUCCESS at home and in life!

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Learning to take responsibility for where we focus our thoughts is a major part of our human experience. Deciding what holds our focus is a decision that only we can make for ourselves. Whatever we choose to focus on we will see more abundantly in our lives.

Focus in on what matters most!

Often dads are easily distracted by behaviors they don’t like instead of focusing on the actual problem their child or spouse is experiencing. We all make the mistake of focusing on fixing others rather than focusing on fixing our own imperfections.

Our focus needs to be in the right place.

If we are focused on the Savior, we will live our lives in a way that is full of love and grace for ourselves and others.

If we are focused on following his teachings and example, we will still make mistakes but we will not fail.

If we are focused on doing our best and being our best, we will become a better version of ourselves every single day.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or weighed down by the circumstances of your life, I invite you to increase your focus on Jesus Christ:

What can you do to bring Christ into the center of your everyday life?

  • What can you do to bring Christlike attributes into your relationships?

  • What do you need most in your relationships?

  • Can you choose one Christlike attribute to focus on this week?

Dads, do not be so focused on your day to day tasks, on the problems you and your loved ones are facing or on the circumstances of your personal life that you loose focus on what matters most. I plead with you to maintain your eternal perspective as you work through the sometimes messy details of day to day life. Remember, God is interested in the details of our lives and He has sent His son to walk with you every step of the way!

That’s a happiness perspective.

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