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Episode 1: Success for Dads!

PERSPECTIVE with Nicole Ellis

Empowering dads to create SUCCESS at home and in life!

Podcast Audio Plus Searchable Transcript and FREE Download

Dads are struggling to find the support and help they need in creating success at home and in their personal lives.

We all think that becoming a spouse and a parent should just be natural.

We should just know what to do when problems arise, but we don’t.

It isn't natural!

In fact, our natural responses are often causing our problems to grow.

Men have a deep desire to serve, to provide and to create success.

The very best way to help families be more successful is to help dads be SUCCESSFUL.

In this episode we will explore:

  • “Why did I decide to coach dads?”

  • “What is SUCCESS and how do we know when we’ve achieved it?”

  • “What’s next?... What more do you want in life?”

SUCCESS is a journey. Let’s do it together!

Don't give up!

Embrace the hard things happening in your life as an opportunity to learn and to grow personally.

You can get yourself unstuck and moving forward.

You can build a new level of confidence in yourself.

You can build a SUCCESSFUL life at home.

That’s a Happiness Perspective.

Do you want to create greater SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your personal and family life? Start TODAY by downloading my FREE "STOP the FIGHT!" 3-Step Parenting Success Guide

Learn more about working with Nicole at

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